Swords of the Jedi Order

We are those that are fabled to exist; the myths speak of us, the prophecies foretell of our coming, we are the unknown, we are the elusive, we are the Guardians of the Jedi Order…

As Jedi we follow rules, rules set down not only to guide us away from the threats of the dark side, but to keep the very order we are fighting for within our Faction. To keep us on the path of walking within the light, these rules, made by the esteemed Jedi Master known as Arhiia Concordia, were set into place. Under her guidance many of the remaining Jedi within the Galaxy have flocked to the protections that the Guardians offer. The broken Jedi Order, once hopeless and doubtful, have finally cast aside their distrust and banded together to create a powerful resistance group to fight the fight, and thrown down the myriad of oppressive tyrants, leaving the Galaxy liberated and free to follow it's own destiny, using only the Force as it guide.


The darkness is growing faster then many of the singled out Jedi can handle, and thus they are overwhelmed. The very people we Jedi are sworn to protect are in danger from being enslaved or cast into the Netherworld by the forces of our mortal enemies. The Sith. As a Jedi would you stand aside and let such atrocities occur? Or will you make the ultimate sacrifice to secure a galaxy from the darkened embrace of the Forces of Evil?

Make the choice young one, for the Fate of the Galaxy is upon your shoulders. And as always, trust in the force let it guide you down the right path.

*Credit to Athrom Sunstrider for introduction

About the Guild:

The exact server we shall be playing on TBD, but will most likely be a PvP-Oriented server. The Guardians of the Jedi Order shall only be accepting mature players that are aligned with the Galactic Republic and we shall reserve the right to boot you from the Guild if your behaviour turns out to be less than savoury.

As of right now the officers are still being determined, but shall be led by the equivalent of a Grandmaster and Master of the Order, though these will not necessarily be the names we assign to the leaders given that we are not just strictly a Jedi Guild. The Guardians shall be run by a Council consisting of 10 other members who are still yet to be determined. Please note that this is not just a Guild for Jedi, but for all classes.

Our guild welcomes all ages and all types of game play. Though many of us originate from an MMORPG called Jedi vs Sith, we will always welcome new members that we have not previously met before.

We are also now a member of The Republic Senate and will be choosing two representatives aside from those who will serve on the Council.

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